Episode 5: Lizane Tan. Lettering, Yoga and Finding your Path

Happy 5 episode-iversary, APP (this counts as an anniversary, right?)!

We’re *so* excited to release this episode for a couple of reasons, including:

  • We’re just a couple o’ ladies who “don’t know how to make a podcast, but we’re trying anyway”
  • Lizane is an INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING, and we can’t wait for you to hear her thoughtful perspectives and passionate insights

Lizane Tan, a designer and artist originally from Manilla, is now making a home out of Halifax Nova Scotia, and loving every minute of it. As a graduate of NSCAD University, Lizane has been figuring out how to sustain a creative lifestyle, and shares what aspects of her creative practice are helping her to find that path.

Listen to episode 5 here.

Not only does Lizane create stellar visual art that connects overheard thoughts and internal emotions, but her unique way of looking at the world will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. Get ready for an adventure, y’all.

Lizane Tan

Instagram: @lizanecrna

Lettergram: @narrativeincidents



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