Episode 4: Alyson Shane, Things we Love on the Internet

Hey, folks, and happy New Year (a wee late, but happy none the less)! It’s 2018, and we’ve taken some well-deserved time to experience horrible flu’s, make some cool stuff, and celebrate the past year of friendship/life.

Listen to episode 4 here.

Episode 4 starts off with a bang (elephant noises), as we dive further into our chats with the Queen of the Internet herself, Alyson Shane. In part two of this two-part series,  we chat becoming a “pod,” NPR politics podcasts, our favourite Instagram accounts, and Alyson’s best facts about “the internet.”

Alyson Shane

Instagram: @alysonshane

Twitter: @alysonshane

Facebook: Alyson Shane


Starling Social


Instagram: @starlingsocial

Twitter: @starlingsocial


Alyson’s NPR pods’ of choice:

Up First from NPR

The Politics Podcast on NPR


Instagram accounts of choice:

Lord Birthday

Chris Simpson Artist

Grant Draws

Sarah Andersen


Philippa Rice

Mari Andrew

Rupi Kaur


Other “internet” stuff:

Hyperbole and a Half

Kate Beaton/Hark! A Vagrant

Oh Joy Sex Toy

Martin Luther Insult Generator

Bonus drinking game:

Sip away anytime “the internet” is mentioned.




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