Episode 3: Alyson Shane. Personal Branding, Community Engagement and Social Media Management

Episode 3, coming at cha’. This month on A Passion Project Podcast, Carlene and Katrina get cozy with Alyson Shane: Winnipeg’s leading Social Media Expert. We talk about entrepreneurship, building a personal brand, and the power of community engagement both on and offline.

Alyson shares plenty of valuable information, intermittently spread with giggles, and Katrina Craig enlightens us on how she knows SO much about Canadian “Historic Moments”.

Listen to episode 3 here.

This episode is filled with off-the-chart giggles and some deep insights from our guest, such as this gem,

“People want to be friends with people who give a shit.”

…and that’s just the half of it. Stay tuned for more come social media magic with Alyson Shane come December!

For more information on the cornucopia of topics referenced throughout this episode, check out the links below:

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Alyson Shane

Instagram: @alysonshane

Twitter: @alysonshane

Facebook: Alyson Shane


Starling Social


Instagram: @starlingsocial

Twitter: @starlingsocial

Tony Pierce

The Bus Blog


Rrayyme’s Blog





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